Dockless Mobility Devices Guidelines

Dockless Mobility Devices Guidelines


Dockless mobility devices include shareable e-scooters and e-mopeds, and dockless bikes. 

There are currently several dockless, shareable mobility services operating throughout the City of Atlanta. These vehicles must follow the rules of the road and may be operated and parked on Georgia Tech’s campus according to the following guidelines:

Ride responsibly: Ride scooters and dockless bikes in bike lanes and wherever a bike is allowed to ride. Electric mopeds must be driven as motor vehicles according to Georgia state law and are not allowed to be driven on sidewalks.

Always yield to pedestrians: Remember pedestrians have the right of way. When in the proximity of pedestrians, please travel at a similar speed.

Be aware of campus traffic: Trolleys, Stingers, and other vehicles may be pulling to or away from curbs frequently. Always be aware of and respectful to other road users, and be cautious of larger vehicles nearby.

Park responsibly: Scooters may be parked near (but not at) bike racks on campus. Do not leave them on sidewalks, or at other locations if they can be parked near a bike rack. Do not park scooter in a position that blocks pedestrian paths or access.  Dockless bikes must be parked at bike racks. Electric mopeds must be parked in designated motorcycle/moped permit parking areas. Mopeds parked at bike racks or not in permit parking areas will be cited, booted, and/or confiscated.

Please wear a helmet: Scooter riders and bicyclists may purchase helmets from PTS for $12.

Per campus policy, electric scooters and other shared dockless devices are not allowed in campus buildings, including residence halls, and may not be charged anywhere on campus.

Please adhere to all terms and conditions put forth by the operator of the device you are using.

Georgia Tech is not liable for incidents occurring with these devices on campus.