Carpool and Rideshare

Carpooling is an environmentally friendly way for Georgia Tech students, faculty, and staff to commute to campus and also to share the cost a campus parking permit. The carpool permit costs $100 less than the Annual Individual Permit and can be split among carpool members.

Georgia Tech students and employees can find carpool partners and explore carpooling incentives through the Georgia Commute Options website and the GA Commute app (iOS or Android). The website offers the opportunity to choose potential carpool partners only within the GT community. Georgia Commute Options also provides additional commuter support to employees taking alternative commutes, such as Guaranteed Ride Home and Route Matching.

Waze Carpool is now available in Atlanta, and can be used to match drivers and riders commuting at similar times and on similar routes. To get started, download the Waze Carpool app (iOS and Android). Be sure to use your email address to best match with others in the Georgia Tech community. Select whether to request or offer a ride, and then start saving money by carpooling to work!

For students or employees that wish to borrow a vehicle for brief periods, Zipcars are available at several locations throughout campus. Zipcar is a membership-based car sharing company that provides members access to a variety of new fuel-efficient vehicles. Georgia Tech's collaboration with Zipcar provides convenient pickup locations and discounts for students, faculty, and staff.



How to Apply for a Carpool Permit

Drawing of the back of the Ramblin' Wreck with two people in it

Learn both the captain's and members' roles for applying for carpool permits. 

Carpool Boundary Map

Map with red marking the carpool boundary

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