Tech Transit: 50 Years and the Future

50th Anniversary




Sherry Davidson

"I'm thrilled to be moving to self-operation.  It is a significant departure from the status-quo.  It will allow us to move closer to achieving our sustainability goals and provide a higher level of transit service to the campus community while maintaining fiscal responsibility."

Sherry Davidson
Senior Director
Parking and Transportation Services


"By moving to self-operation and transitioning away from fossil fuels, we are making a clear statement about where our values lie as an Institute and as a transit operation.  Our team is committed to service excellence and operating with clean fuel technologies that our community can be proud of."

Aaron Fowler
Director of Transportation
Parking and Transportation Services

Sherry Davidson


Feature Story

Click here to learn more about PTS’s move to self-operation and the history of transit as featured in the Daily Digest.

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tech trolley
Tech Transit Photo Parade
The Tech Trolley was an iconic symbol of Georgia Tech and a favorite among students, employees, and campus guests. Hover over the photos in this timeline to see some of the campus community’s favorite transit memories. Now that the Tech Trolley has taken its last ride, we invite you to share your favorite Georgia Tech Transit memories at 



Georgia Tech Transit Timeline

Bring Georgia Tech transit history back to life with this interactive slideshow. Explore 50 years of transit history!