Rules for $100 Permit Discount Winners

1. All contestants must be official students, faculty members or staff of Georgia Tech in good standing with Parking and Transportation Services.

2. Parking and Transportation Services employees are not eligible to participate/win.

3. Contest winners will receive a $100 discount on their 2021-2022 permit purchase. Winners will be selected at random. Contest winners will receive their permit assignment through the normal registration process. Preferred parking locations are not guaranteed. For permits with a value less than $100, refunds or credits of the difference will not apply.

5. Customers are eligible to win by applying for a permit at April 1-30, 2021 or participating in the live virtual brown bag session on March 25, 2021.

6. Contest winners who have citations must pay them in full before the discount is issued.

7. Contest winners who return their permits will forfeit any prizes. Permits awarded to winners cannot be returned or refunded for cash value or credit.

8. Contest winners who desire reserved spaces, official business permits, multi-access, dual access, R-All or any additional feature for the annual permit will be responsible for paying for these features.

9. Contest winners agree to have their names publicized on the PTS website, the PTS map/brochure, via GT media outlets and printed on the permits.

10. Georgia Tech complies with all IRS regulations concerning the giving of prizes and awards to faculty, staff and students. Prizes and awards made to employees are generally considered taxable income to the employee and are subject to FICA, FUTA, and federal and state income tax withholdings. Please refer to Georgia Tech Policy No: 10.12 ( for additional information.