Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Below are some of the frequently asked questions about parking on campus. If you have any other questions, please contact the Parking Office at 404-385-7275.

Information Updates / Security

What if my vehicle tag changes?

Bring your new vehicle registration card to the Parking and Transportation office to update your tag information. You may also update your tag information at My Online Parking Account. Vehicles not displaying a valid permit and not having a tag in our database will be considered unregistered. A parking violation may be issued. The person registering the motor vehicle is responsible for all parking violations issued to that vehicle.

What if I don't yet have the vehicle I want to register for the permit?

Our policy states that you may not apply for a permit, unless you are the registered vehicle owner or the responsible party while on campus. Vehicles without a valid permit displayed and not having a tag registered in our database will be considered unregistered. The person registering the motor vehicle is responsible for all parking violations incurred by that vehicle.

How can I change my address in My Parking Account?

Address changes for students must be made through Oscar accounts. Faculty and staff must change addresses through Techworks. Once changes have been made, the new address will upload to your My Parking Account.

How is my personal information used?

We do not distribute your information to any third parties nor do we use social security numbers or date of birth in your parking account. All information is kept confidential and only used for Georgia Tech purposes.

How is my information kept secure?

Any sensitive information is transmitted securely. To help protect your data, we encourage you to change your password according to OIT guidelines. Please do not share your GT Login and password information with anyone to help prevent identity theft. Visit for more information about online security.

Payments & Refunds

I'm a student. What are my payment options?
  • Due to Institute policy, all student fees, including parking permits, must be transferred to the Bursar's Office. All student permit payments are made through the Bursar’s Office only. Visit for more information.
  • Citations can be paid via check or credit card only.
I am an employee. What are my payment options?

Faculty and staff may pay for permits and citations via check or credit card. Full-time employees can pay for parking permits via pre-tax payroll deduction.

Can I pay using coins?

Cash and coins are not accepted in the PTS office.

​What if I don't agree to take the pre-tax payroll deduction?

Any employee who chooses to not participate in payroll deduction will have to pay for their permit with a check or credit card in the Parking and Transportation office. You will receive an e-mail invoice in July. If payment is not received on or before the last business day in August, your permit will be returned to inventory.

​How does payroll deduction work?

Pre-tax payroll deduction means the parking permit expense is deducted from your gross salary before state and federal taxes are calculated. The actual amount saved by using pre-tax payroll deduction is dependent on your federal and state tax margin. For most employees, this represents an out-of-pocket savings in excess of 30%. Permit payments will be made via pre-tax payroll deductions biweekly or monthly between August and May depending on your pay schedule.

I will only need my permit for half the year. Can I get a refund?

Permits are refundable until March 31 and are prorated on a weekly basis. Customers should return the permit to the Parking & Transportation office.