Event Parking & Rental Services

North Avenue Parking Deck

Parking and Transportation Services offers numerous parking options and services for groups and events.

Parking Validations

Non-refundable validations can be personalized to fit specific time requirements and preferred parking locations, and can be purchased for small or large groups for up to several days. There is a minimum order of 10 validations.

Georgia Tech departments are required to pay for validations using a PeopleSoft account number, a 10-digit document ID number, and an account code. Off-campus organizations and individuals can pay with credit card or money order. Please do not include credit card numbers; a representative will contact you with further instructions.

Charter Bus Rental

Parking and Transportation Services offers charter bus rental services for use by clubs and affiliated organizations.

Event Parking Resources

From digital signage to parking officers, PTS offers a variety of resources to assist you in staging your event.

Parking Attendant

  • Service description: Monitor & control access and regress
  • Units: up to 10 (based on availability) 
  • Price: $25/hour/attendant (4 hour minimum)

A-Frame Signs

  • Service description: Client responsible for sign inserts, pick-up, set-up and return to PTS
  • Units: up to 5 (based on availability) 
  • Price: $15 per A-frame (per day)

Reserved Space

  • Service description: Exclusive use of parking spaces
  • Units: Based on availability
  • Price: $15/space (per day)

Reserved Lot

  • Service description: Full or partial use of lot
  • Units: Based on availability
  • Price: Call for quote