Enforcement & Citations

Parking Enforcement at GT Campus

PTS’s goal is to provide safe, convenient and accessible parking through sound parking management.  Parking customers are expected to follow parking rules and regulations set by Georgia Tech and the State of Georgia.  PTS attempts to achieve parking compliance by educating our customers.  In addition, citations may be issued to vehicles found in violation of PTS’s parking policies.   

Parking on Georgia Tech’s campus requires a valid permit.  Campus visitors and non-permit customers are required to park in visitor lots and spaces and pay the posted rates.  All campus parking rules and regulations are enforced 24/7.

Citation Payments & Appeals

Parking Fine Payment Options:
  • Online at driverseat.gatech.edu
    Credit cards are the only accepted means of payment.
  • By mail using the envelope included with the citation.
    Checks and money orders should be made payable to "Georgia Tech". 
  • In the PTS office.
    Credit cards, BuzzCard, checks, and money orders are accepted.

All customers must pay or appeal their citations within ten calendar days. A $5 late fee shall apply to citations that remain unpaid beyond ten days, but is not applied to citations that are being appealed.


If an individual is issued a citation for a parking violation, he/she has the right to appeal if they believe that the citation was not warranted.

Citations may also be appealed at driverseat.gatech.edu. Customers may appeal their citations within 10 calendar days from the date of issuance. Late fees are not applied to citations pending appeal decisions.

The appeals process was established to allow the Georgia Tech community the opportunity to contest the validity of a violation and/or to present extenuating circumstances.

If you disagree with the outcome of an appeal, you may request a re-appeal within fourteen (14) business days from the date of notification by sending an email to info.parking@parking.gatech.edu. In order to qualify for a re-appeal, new evidence must be submitted.

To view the Appeals Information sheet, a PDF reader is required. Click here to download Adobe Reader for free.

Collections and Vehicle Tracing

Unpaid citations are subject to collections and/or Institute policies. Citations for vehicles not found in the GT Parking Database shall be traced through the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS); owner's addresses will be obtained for collections purposes.

For students, unpaid citations and fines shall be transferred to their Bursar's account after 30 days. Once the transfer has been completed, students will be required to pay the fines through the Bursar's office.

Outstanding citations and fines prohibit customers from receiving parking permits for the following semester or academic year.

Parking Violations and Fines

Fines for any violation not listed here will vary based on the severity of the violation.

Parking Patron Responsibilities

PTS makes every effort to provide convenient options for traveling around the Georgia Tech campus. To ensure a positive experience for all parking patrons, please follow these guidelines:

  • With the exception of visitor lots and metered parking spaces, all parking is by permit only. Visitors may purchase temporary permits from PTS.
  • When parked on campus, make sure parking permits hang from the rearview mirror with the photo facing outward.
  • Permits are not transferable.
  • Parking in reserved spaces requires consent from the owner.
  • Fire lanes and exits, fire hydrants, bus stops, doorways, bike lanes, landscapes, and no parking zones should remain clear of vehicles.
  • Flashing hazard lights does not substitute for a permit or paid parking.
  • Please ensure guests are aware of visitor parking options before they come to campus.
  • Areas not specifically designated as parking areas are considered no parking zones.

Immobilization (Booting)

Customers whose vehicles are booted are required to pay any applicable immobilization fees, impoundment, storage fees, all outstanding citation fees and late fees. After payment of all fees, customers will receive a release statement for their vehicle. PTS staff will arrange the release of the vehicle or the removal of the boot.


PTS and GT Police may remove and impound a vehicle (at no expense to the owner) when:

  • The vehicle is unattended and legally parked but constitutes a safety hazard or obstruction of traffic;
  •  A vehicle must be removed in the interest of safety of persons or property because of fire, flood, snow, or emergencies.

The Institute assumes no liability for damage to vehicles parked on Institute-controlled property during or as a result of immobilization or impoundment.

Impounded vehicles will be towed to the impound lot (W31-IPST lot on 10th Street and Hemphill Avenue). Vehicles will also be booted when impounded. Instructions for paying fines and boot removal will be placed on the vehicle.

To reclaim vehicles, visit the PTS office during office hours. Customers should bring photo ID. Customers may also call 404-385-PARK(7275) outside of office hours for assistance.

Removal or attempted removal of the boot will result in a citation. A storage fee of $5 per day will be charged for all impounded vehicles. Vehicles are considered abandoned and unclaimed after 30 days and are subject to transfer to a commercial storage facility at the owner's expense. Customers may locate towed vehicles via A-Tow.