2021-2022 Parking Permit Renewals and Sales

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Parking permits for 2021-2022 will be available for sale in April online via driverseat.gatech.edu !

All customers who purchase a 2021-2022 permit in April 2021 will be entered in a drawing to win $100 off their permit price! Click here for eligibility details.



Renewals Available for Annual Individual, Carpool, Semester, Evening/Weekend, SmartPark, and Motorcycle Permits
Current permit customers should renew to guarantee their same parking permit type and location for 2021-2022. This includes faculty/staff who currently pay for permits via payroll deduction. Carpool renewal customers should apply for a new carpool, selecting the same location that they currently have. 


Year-Round Sales Open for 2021-2022 Annual Individual, Carpool, Semester, Evening/Weekend, SmartPark and Motorcycle Permits
Existing permit customers who want to change locations or permit types AND new permit customers should make their purchases starting April 21. Permits will be sold FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE, so log on EARLY to get the permit you want!

Click here to view the 2021-2022 parking permit price list.

Questions? Email carpool@gatech.edu  for Carpool Permits and support@pts.gatech.edu for all other permits.   





If I returned my permit due to Covid-19, am I eligible to renew my previous parking location?

If you returned your 2019-2020 Annual Individual or Carpool Permit due to Covid-19 and do not own an active renewable permit, you should bypass the renewal period and purchase a permit during general sales starting April 21. All permits are sold first come first serve based on space availability.


I don’t know if I’ll be studying or working on campus during Fall 2021. Why should I purchase a permit now?

Purchasing a permit during the permit sales/renewals period will ensure your parking accommodations for the 2021-2022 academic year. Permits are available for sale year-round; however, they are sold first come first serve based on space availability. The permit sales/renewals period offers the greatest permit availability. In the fall, many popular parking locations may be sold out.


Can I return my permit if I no longer need it?

Yes, most permits can be returned any time before March 31 annually for prorated refunds. Permits returned by August 31 annually are refunded at full price. Note: Flex permits, SmartPark permits and SmartPark units are nonrefundable. Fall Semester permits may be returned before September 30.


How do Virtual Permits work?

Virtual permits eliminate the need for a physical hangtag and use BuzzCards for gate access. Learn more about how virtual permits work here.

Update your license plate number and account information in The Driver’s Seat as it will be used for gate access via license plate recognition readers.

All parking permits are virtual except the following permit types:

  • E70 Annual Individual Permits
  • Carpool Permits
  • Alumni Permits
  • Motorcycle Permits

Physical permits will be mailed to customers. Carpool permit customers will have the option to pick up their permit from the PTS office in late July 2021.


Which permits are available during the permit sales/renewals season?

All 2021-2022 Annual Individual, Carpool, Semester, Evening/Weekend, SmartPark, and Motorcycle Permits will be sold online via The Driver’s Seat. These permits will not be available for purchase in the PTS office until July 26, 2021.


Which permits are not available online?

Please visit the PTS Customer Service Office starting July 26, 2021 to purchase the following permits, which are not available online:

  • Temporary Permits
  • Vendors/Contractors Permits


Campus departments will be notified to renew permits for departmental use. the following departmental permit purchases can be requested using the online form:

  • New Reserved Spaces
  • Official Business Permits
  • Dual/Multi/All Access Permits
  • Departmental Purchases Permits


How I do I pay for my permit?

All students will pay for permits using their Bursar’s accounts. Permit fees will be billed to Bursar in August 2021 and should be paid with fall 2021 tuition and fees.

Faculty and staff have two payment options:

  1. Payroll deduction (pre-tax). Payments for permits selected in The Driver’s Seat during renewals/sales period are deferred until August. Permits fees are paid in equal payments August through May. Payments are not deducted in June or July. Fees are automatically deducted from your paycheck according to your pay schedule (biweekly or monthly).
  2. Credit card. Note – credit cards are billed immediately for the full permit price.


How can I prepare for parking permit registration?

Before permit registration season begins, take these steps to prepare:

  • Login to driverseat.gatech.edu and update your vehicle information, license plate numbers, address, and phone number so that your account is accurate. Remove any vehicles that you no longer own or drive to campus.
  • Review the campus parking zones map to determine your top parking lot choices.
  • Talk to prospective carpool partners about which parking locations you prefer.
  • Employees – decide which payment option you will use (payroll deduction or credit card). Also, consider your work schedule and environment for 2021-2022 to help you decide if you’ll need an annual permit or a short-term parking option (SmartPark or Flex permit).
  • Mark your calendars for the first day of permit renewals or general sales.


How can I learn more?  

Watch the recordings of this year's PTS brown bags above to learn more about 2021-2022 permit purchases. Contact PTS with questions about general permit purchases.