Virtual Permit (Pilot Program)

Virtual Permit (Pilot Program)

Starting August 15, 2018, PTS will pilot virtual permits in the following campus parking locations:

  • ER53- North Ave. Apartments North Deck
  • ER54- North Ave. Apartments South Deck
  • ER66- Family Housing Deck
  • WR30- Curran Deck
  • SmartPark permits (used in Technology Square Parking Deck - E81, Visitor Parking Area 3 and North Deck - W23)

Virtual permits will replace physical Annual Individual and Semester permits in these for locations. Permitless customers may purchase/renew their permits as usual in The Driver’s Seat. However, they will not receive a physical permit to display in their cars.

Please note:

  • Customers will be required to park head-in only (no back-in or pull-through parking) as their license plate information will be used for parking enforcement. To update license plate information, visit The Driver’s Seat.
  • Vehicles that are not parked head-in will be subject to citation.
  • BuzzCards will continue to be the method of entry in each of the permitless decks.
  • Temporary permits are available for non-registered vehicles.
  • Customers may register multiple vehicles; however, only one allowed on campus at a time.
  • Customers who have temporary license plate numbers may purchase permits, however, their license plate info must be updated once permanent tag arrives in The Driver’s Seat.
  • To return permits, email

Benefits of the virtual permit program include reducing the number of physical permits mailed from the PTS office; eliminating parking customers’ need to display permits as they have in previous years; and reducing the number of customers purchasing permits in the PTS office.   

PTS plans to convert more parking locations to a virtual environment based on the success of the pilot program.