Want a discount on an annual campus parking permit? A carpool permit allows you and your carpool riders to share the cost of a significantly reduced parking permit.

Carpool Permit Prices:

2014-2015: $639 for two or more members (prorated) - applications accepted beginning April 21, 2014
2013-2014: $604 for two or more members (prorated)

Carpooling consists of two types of participants: carpool “captains” and carpool "members."
Use Zimride to find potential carpool partners within the GT community. Click here for details.
Please note: Each member of the carpool must be a GT affiliate and  must live outside the campus borders. Individuals living in campus residence halls are not eligible for carpools.

"Captains” are responsible for the following:

·         Creating a carpool using the on-line carpool system, inviting members to join the carpool, submitting the carpool for approval, payment and pickup of the permit, and financially responsibility for any citations issued to the carpool.

·         Carpool captains can only create one carpool, and will not be allowed to accept invitations to join other carpools.

 "Members” are responsible for the following:

Accepting an “invitation” to join a carpool from a carpool captain via the online carpool system. Once an invitation is accepted, any other carpool invitations will be invalid.

Carpool Registration Steps

 Step 1 for Captains: Create Your Carpool On-line

•  Go to driverseat.gatech.edu  When prompted, login with your GT username and password.  

  • Click on the "Carpool" icon.

•  Verify your address information is correct and click “Continue”. Be sure to verify/update your address in Oscar(students) or Techworks(faculty/staff).

•  Click “Carpool Registration”, then click “Start New Carpool”.

•  Select your preferred lot, and verify your vehicle information.

•  Click “Continue” .

You are now a carpool “Captain”. In the next step, you will invite others to ride in your carpool.


Step 2 for Captains: Invite Others to Join Your Carpool

Valid carpools must have at least two participants (the captain and at least one additional member). After you create your carpool, you will be able to invite others to join through the carpool website. Please note that only captains can invite others to join the carpool.

•  Enter the invitee's name and email address.

•  Add a personal message (optional).

•  Click “Send Invite”. The invitee will receive a message, which will contain a special link and invite acceptance code.

•  Once the invitee(s) have accepted your invite at the carpool website, you will receive an email notification.

•  You can check the status of your invitations through the carpool website. If needed, you can re-send invitations, or continue to invite additional members, until you submit the carpool for final approval (see below) or when the parking registration period ends.

NOTE: It is important that you have valid email addresses for the people you wish to invite. Otherwise, they will not receive your invitation and will be unable to join your carpool.

Scroll down to learn how to Accept a Carpool Invitation.


Step 3 for Captains: Submit Your Carpool for Approval

Once your carpool participants have accepted the carpool invitation, the captain will be able to submit the carpool for final approval at driverseat.gatech.edu. Captain should log in to complete the application.

You will not be able to submit your carpool for final approval until the following initial requirements are met:

•  There must be at least two carpool members (the captain and at least one additional passenger who has accepted your invitation).

•  No outstanding citations for any member of the carpool.

•  At least one vehicle registered with Georgia Tech Parking and Transportation.

After you submit the carpool for final approval, Georgia Tech Parking and Transportation will approve carpools on the following criteria:

•  The addresses of each carpool member must be relatively situated such that a reasonable route can be taken to/from campus. For example, carpools where one member lives in Alpharetta (north of Atlanta) and another member lives in Peachtree City (south of Atlanta) will not be approved.

•  Each member of the carpool must live outside the campus borders. Individuals living in campus residence halls are not eligible for carpools.

•  Each member of the carpool must be a faculty, staff, or student with a current gtID#. 

•  You will be notified via email when your carpool is approved or denied.


Step 4 for Captains: Pay for and Pick Up Your Permit

Captains of approved carpools will be notified of when to pay for and pick up their carpool permits. Please note the following:

•  Only the carpool captain can pick up and pay for the carpool permit . We cannot release a permit to other members of the carpool.

•  Payment and pick up is only available at the Parking and Transportation Office . Captains can pay via cash, check, credit card, payroll deduction (faculty/staff only) or through Bursar’s accounts (students only).

•  If any additional citations have been issued to any member of the carpool, the permit cannot be released.


Accepting a Carpool Invitation

If you are not a carpool captain, you can accept an invitation to join a carpool.

•  Once you accept an invitation, any additional invitations will not be valid (you are only allowed to join one carpool).

•  Your carpool captain will generate your invitation online. You will receive the invitation via email.

•  The email will contain a link that will allow you to accept or decline an invitation. Click on the link to act on the invitation. (This option will not be available if you are already a carpool captain, or if you have accepted another invitation).

•  Confirm your mailing address, and click “Continue”. You will not be able to continue if you have any outstanding citations. Click here to pay citations online.

•  Carpool invitations are only valid for one-time use. Your carpool captain will generate invitations for each individual of your carpool.

 After you have accepted your invitation, the carpool will still be pending. Separately, your carpool captain will need to submit the carpool application, and Georgia Tech Parking and Transportation will approve or deny the carpool submission. Captains and members will be notified via email of the final carpool approval/denial.