To accommodate campus guests, PTS offers temporary visitors permits for use in ungated parking zones. Permits may be purchased at the Parking and Transportation Services Office. Please bring the vehicle’s registration and the driver’s official ID to purchase visitors permits.

Temporary Visitors Permits are distributed:

  • To visitors or guests on a space available basis in areas where regular visitor parking is not available or where special arrangements are made through an Institute department (visitor fee applies)
  • Persons injured and unable to move about freely, and upon receipt of verification by coordinator of the Access Disabled Assistance Program for Tech Students (ADAPTS) or from Disability Services in the Office of Human Resources Customers may obtain special short-term parking privileges at the discretion of the PTS office on a space available basis according to the published fee schedule. The majority of requests will be referred to the Stingerette program and a ride to and from classes will be scheduled for the individual.

Temporary/Visitor Permits (TP) are only valid when used in the area and on the current date as indicated on the front of the permit. The TP permit is not valid when the expiration date or area has been altered. Unauthorized vehicles will be subject to ticketing and/or impoundment.

The TP permit is not refundable.

Temporary Permit Prices
Daily: $15
Weekly: $35
Monthly: $80