Parking rules and regulations set forth by Georgia Tech and the State of Georgia are enforced 24 hours a day. During certain hours of the day and at particular times throughout the year SOME of the restrictions are relaxed. Those people parking on campus are urged to consult the rules and regulations for hours of restriction, etc., or contact the Parking and Transportation Office for further information. In some instances, it is necessary that a parking area be cleared. This becomes necessary during certain events (such as football games and basketball games), and also becomes necessary when things such as paving or construction in the area are required. If vehicles are not removed from these areas they are typically towed to the impound lot behind the Parking and Transportation Office.

The rules and regulations are enforced through the issuance of written and verbal warnings and parking tickets. In some instances, vehicles may be towed (impounded) or immobilized. (When a vehicle is immobilized, a special "boot" is placed on it. The vehicle cannot be moved until the boot is removed, which is after all necessary fines and fees have been cleared up.)

The rules and regulations are published each year, along with a map showing the various parking areas on campus. Everyone that is issued a parking permit receives a copy of these rules and regulations. Copies can also be obtained by stopping by the Parking and Transportation Office during normal business hours and picking up the pamphlet titled "Georgia Institute of Technology Motor Vehicle Regulations and General Parking Map".

The Parking and Transportation Office attempts to notify motorists of the need to relocate their vehicles during these times in a variety of ways including:

  • Posting No Parking signs in the area, specifying the dates and times that parking will not be allowed in a particular area.
  • Sending out email to parking permit holders notifying them of the date(s) and time(s) that certain areas will be restricted (such as for football games).
  • Posting accurate, uptodate information on our web page.

For athletic events that will affect parking, please visit the Gameday Parking Page.