SmartPark offers flexibility for students and employees who occasionally drive to campus. It is a pay-as-you-go program that costs $25 to join each year. The program allows parking in one of three campus lots—Technology Square Parking Deck (E81), Visitor Parking Area 3, and North Deck (W23)—from 5:30 a.m. to midnight daily. The rate is $6 per use (effective August 15, 2013) and is automatically debited from each member’s BuzzCard account. BuzzCards are debited for each entry/exit; $6 is not a daily rate.

The SmartPark permit is not valid in Handicap spaces (without a proper handicap decal), Reserved or Metered spaces, and No Parking Zones. Unauthorized vehicles will be subject to ticketing and/or impoundment.

Overnight parking is not permitted. The SmartPark permit is not transferable.

Access is denied if your BuzzCard account goes below $6 (the cost of a single entrance) or if you have violated the anti-passback feature, which requires sequential in and out usage. If sufficient funds are not available on a customer's BuzzCard, daily parking rates as posted in the lot will apply.

SmartPark permits expire August 14 of each year.

To purchase a SmartPark permit, visit or visit the PTS office.