Parking and Transit During Housing Move Out, April 30 – May 6


ER51 and WR29 Customers:

The following are loading and unloading zones only. Please remove your vehicles from these areas from Monday, April 30 through Sunday, May 6, 2018:

-ER51: Techwood Drive, Bobby Dodd Way and Williams Street

-WR29: McMillan Street, Turner Place, Curran Street, 8th Street and 9th Street  

Alternate Parking

ER51 Customers are welcome to park in E52-Peters parking deck or the C.O.P. Lot (grass lot at North Avenue and Centennial Olympic Park Drive)

WR29 customers are welcome to park in WR30-Curran parking deck or WR29-Woodruff parking lot.

Please be sure your permit is properly displayed to avoid ticketing.


Normal parking conditions will resume on Monday, May 7. 




East Campus

From Monday, April 23 through Monday, May 7, Red Stingers, Blue Stingers and the Weekend Grocery Shuttle will not service the North Avenue Apartments turnaround.

  - Please board the Red Stinger at Techwood Drive, at Bobby Dodd Stadium.

  - Please board the Blue Stinger at riders should board on Techwood Drive (at Brown Hall) or at the Centennial Olympic Park (C.O.P.) stop.

-Please board the Weekend Grocery Shuttle at Techwood Drive and North Avenue at Bobby Dodd Stadium.


West Campus

From Monday, April 30 through Monday, May 6, Red Stingers, Blue Stingers and the Weekend Grocery Shuttle will not service the following stops:

-McMillan Street/Turner Place

-West Village

-8th Street/Hemphill Ave.

Please board all buses/shuttles on Ferst Drive, at Hemphill Avenue.


Commencement: Saturday, May 5

During Commencement, the Weekend Grocery Shuttle will only travel southbound on Fowler Street, thus only servicing GLC and 10th@Home once; on the south side of 10th Street, at Holly Street.  Leaving campus and heading to Atlantic Station, the shuttle will have a temporary stop on State Street at the North Parking Deck (at the northbound Green Stinger bus stop).


We understand that these accommodations may be an inconvenience to you. On behalf of Parking and Transportation Services and Housing, we appreciate your patience, cooperation and continued support.  

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