New Parking Access Equipment Installed in E81-Tech Square, Several Visitors Parking Lots

New parking access equipment was installed in the E81-Tech Square/GT Hotel and Conference Center deck in October. Features of the new equipment include the following:

· License Plate Recognition (LPR): An automated license plate recognition system speeds up the entry and exit of permitted vehicles. When your vehicle approaches the gate, the LPR reader will recognize your license plate, and the gate will open automatically. There is no need to tap your BuzzCard or carpool permit for access. NOTE: LPR recognizes most licenses plates, so use your BuzzCard or Carpool Permit if the gates do not open automatically.

· In/Out Sequence: When entering the deck using either LPR, BuzzCard or a Carpool Permit, you will need to exit using the same credential. Breaking the in/out sequence will keep the gates from opening. For example:

If you pull a ticket to enter and tap a BuzzCard to exit, the gates will remain closed. Hourly fees will apply.

If you tap your BuzzCard to enter and allow another customer to use your BuzzCard to exit the deck in their vehicle, you will not be able to exit the deck after they leave.

· New Visitors Tickets and Payment Options: Visitors will pull a new style of tickets upon entering. Both exit lanes will accept credit card payments. Only one of the exit lanes will accept cash.


What Do You Need to Do?

· Check License Plate Numbers: Be sure to update the license plate information for all of the vehicles you own at so that the LPR feature recognizes your vehicle. This includes removing previous vehicles from your account. Click on “Vehicles” to begin.

· In/Out Sequence: If LPR does not recognize your vehicle, keep your BuzzCard or Carpool permit handy. Always maintain your in/out sequence by tapping your BuzzCards/permits when both entering and exiting the deck.

· No Tailgating: Tailgating is not allowed. Be sure to allow the gate to close before entering or exiting the deck.

· Exchange Visitors Vouchers: If you have purchased visitors vouchers for your department/organization, please email so that we can exchange them for the new validation credentials.

· SmartPark Customers: Pull a ticket to enter the deck, but continue using the existing SmartPark swipe readers upon exit. PTS will update you as new equipment for SmartPark will be installed later this year.

· Be Patient: Please be patient with us as we work to install all equipment and perfect the new features.


LPR has also been installed in W23-North Campus parking deck. Also, the following visitors parking locations have received new payment machines and require the new validation credential.

· Area 1 –North Avenue

· Area 3—CRC

· Area 5—North Campus parking deck

· Area 6—5th and Spring (PTS Office) 


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