Coming January 2018 - Pilot Pedestrian Scramble Crossing at 5th & Spring

In conjunction with the City of Atlanta and Midtown Alliance, a pedestrian scramble crossing was implemented at the intersection of 5th Street NW and Spring Street NW on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.  A pedestrian scramble is an intersection design in which part of the traffic light cycle includes a stop phase for all vehicles, allowing pedestrians to cross all streets in any direction, including diagonally. 


After drivers traveling east/west have a green light and those traveling south have a green light, then all drivers will have a red light so that pedestrians may cross in all directions.


For the safety of all and the efficiency of the project, all pedestrians must wait for the WALK signal to cross. They should not cross even when drivers traveling in the same direction have the green light. People on bicycles are expected to travel with parallel vehicular traffic as usual. If crossing during the scramble they should dismount and walk across.


The intention of this project is to allow vehicles to make turns without delays from pedestrians and to allow pedestrians to cross efficiently without being hindered or endangered by vehicles trying to turn. The intersection of 5th and Spring is the busiest pedestrian crossing in Midtown. The pedestrian scramble initiative is projected to keep pedestrians and drivers safe and to keep all traffic flowing.


Please note: this is a 90-day pilot project. If the pedestrian scramble is made permanent, additional striping and signage will be installed. Signage introducing the program will be installed Friday, January 5, 2018.

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