Sample permits

Maintenance Request: Report maintenance issues such as potholes, broken gates, etc.

Out of Area Parking Request: When a customer's assigned parking area is full, (s)he should submit this form immediately after parking in an adjacent ungated non-residential parking area (excludes E44-Lyman Hall lot, visitor lots, metered parking spaces, and reserved spaces). Customers will receive an "Out of Area Reference Number" confirming this request. This form may also be used to report gate access issues. GT login is required to submit form. This service is only available for current GT permit holders (excludes SmartPark). If login is not available, contact PTS at 404-385-7275.

Guest Appeals: Submit written appeals for parking violations. All appeals must be submitted within ten (10) calendar days from the date the citation was issued. This form is the official means for submitting appeals; emailed appeals are not accepted.

Departmental Permit Request: For departmental use only to request official business permits and campus fleet vehicle permits.

Stinger/Trolley Rental Request: Request the use of a Stinger bus or Tech Trolley.

Validation Requests: Request validations for departmental visitors or special guests.

Transit Advertising Request: Submit transit advertising requests and artwork changes.

Reserved Space Request: Request reserved parking spaces for individual or departmental use (faculty/staff only).

Employee Citation Payroll Deduction Request: Pay citation balances via payroll deduction (faculty/staff only).

Permit Return Request: Return a permit for the upcoming academic year to inventory and initiate any refund (pending no outstanding balance due on account). Please note 2019-2020 parking permit returns are unavailable as the deadline for returns was March 31, 2020.